About Data Carbon

There is a big community of people around the world measuring and managing carbon data – including establishing methodology, collecting data, verifying, accounting, managing the standards, consulting, developing software, and communicating the results. This is what this site is for.

If you have interesting news or ideas relevant to carbon measurement you think we should include on the site, please e-mail it to me on jeffery@d-e-j.com. And if you want to join us, please start by signing up for our e-mail newsletter.

Sometime during 2013 we will plan a London conference on measuring carbon emissions, the best methods to do it, and maximising credibility and awareness of the data.

Data Carbon is edited by Karl Jeffery, also editor of Digital Energy Journal, conference organiser with Finding Petroleum, publisher of Carbon Capture Journal and Tanker Operator, and founder of Digital Ship. Email jeffery@d-e-j.com.

Deputy editor and sales manager: David Jeffries, djeffries@onlymedia.co.uk

Jeffery Publishing, 2nd Floor, 8 Baltic St East, London, EC1Y OUP, UK,
email jeffery@d-e-j.com, Tel 44 208 150 5292

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