National Australia Bank white paper on reducing carbon

The National Australia Bank has published a white paper on how it is applying technical solutions to reducing carbon emissions.

It has calculated the projected “power usage effectiveness” of a new data centre is it building, showing that the ‘worst case scenario’ will be 1.35. Power usage effectiveness is calculated as the total power used by the centre (including cooling and lighting) divided by the power used to run the servers.

The company says it has achieved a great deal of efficiency through ‘virtualisation’ (running an application on a computer in a data centre, instead of running on a computer locally to whoever is doing the task).

“The goal is to realize 90% virtualization of servers across the company by the time the project is completed,” the bank says.

The company says it has been carbon neutral since 2010.

Projects include heating, cooling and lighting adjustments, major refurbishments at office buildings, automatic switch-off of PCs not in use, and the design and installation of a trigeneration plant (providing power, heat and cooling).

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