Maersk Line saves $90m in fuel costs through measurement

Container shipping giant Maersk Line says it has reduced vessel fuel costs by $90m over 3 years, by measuring energy performance of individual vessels, to raise awareness about fuel consumption. The quantity of fuel saved is 160,000 tons.

It manages the vessels by giving them a score on just 4 parameters: energy, safety, daily running costs and cooperation (best practice sharing).

Additional savings were achieved from trim optimisation (getting the optimum loading of vessels so they move easiest in the water) or load reduction.

“If you can’t measure something, you can’t control it,” says Anup Rajan, Performance Manager in Maersk Line Vessel Management.

“It is essential to realize that the scorecards are only a valuable tool if they help facilitate decision making amongst stakeholders,” he says.

Maersk is now introducing the system on vessels which it charterers in but does not own.

Each charter owner will be given a score every month.

The company has already introduced the system on its tanker fleet.

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