US beverage association publishes beverage carbon footprints

The US Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) has finished research on the carbon footprints for 5 beverage categories – beer, bottled water, carbonated soft drink, spirits and wine, in Europe and North America.

The research is available on its website, together with boundary assumptions, emission calculation details, secondary data sources and impact analyses discussion.

The research is intended to identify those aspects of the beverage value chain that contribute significantly to the overall carbon footprint of a product and to evaluate the sensitivity of the carbon footprint to modifications in material or production practices such as packaging material selection, distribution logistics and recycling rates.

The carbon modelling and analysis contained within the reports is based, in large part, on data from BIER member companies through their independent business evaluations, such as life cycle assessments and greenhouse gas inventories.

“The category models being released today are a good example of how companies can work together to promote environmental sustainability,” said Robert ter Kuile, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, PepsiCo.

“This research will help PepsiCo, our fellow BIER member companies, our customers, and the broader beverage industry to identify new opportunities for sustainable business practices that conserve resources, reduce emissions and protect the environment.”

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