Jet Airways uses IBM to track aircraft emissions

Indian airline Jet Airways is working with IBM to calculate and track its aircraft emissions and optimise fuel usage.

It is part of a 10 year agreement signed between Jet Airways and IBM in 2010, to streamline and consolidate IT operations.

IBM has provided its “Integrated Emission Management System.”

The company uses it to analyse and calculate emissions from individual aircraft, based on flight records and fuel usage data. Sources of data include internal aircraft systems, regional navigation data and flight records.

The system is also used to save money by reducing fuel consumption, and the company says it has saved $6m annually from having the system.

IBM also provides Jet with data centre operations, end user services, central helpdesk, network management services, server storage operation, and security services. It is responsible for application management services for the carrier including ERP, flight operation, revenue management, roster and crew management, cargo management, customer relationship information system, aircraft maintenance and operations system, baggage reconciliation system and sales force automation.

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