Carbon Trust launches version 4.0 of “footprint expert”

UK carbon reduction consultancy the Carbon Trust has launched version 4.0 of its “Footprint Expert” software, which can be used by companies to calculate and report their carbon footprint, according to the internationally agreed standard PAS2050:2008.

Users can also compete their footprint assessment against the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Product standard.

Users can gather their data once and the software can generate a report according to the requirements of both standards, so there is no duplication of workload.

PAS2050 is being developed by the British Standards Institution, whilst the GHG Protocol Product standard is based in the US.

The Sustainability Consortium, comprising 400 leading global retailers, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies, has voted to adopt the GHG Product standard.

You can use the software to produce reports with free text areas covering boundary setting, sources of uncertainty and reduction targets.

You can use the software as a basis for certification.

A 1-year licence for access to Footprint Expert costs from £1,500 plus VAT, with a renewal fee in subsequent years from £1,000 plus VAT.

2 day training courses are available.

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