Tasmania: study about carbon stored in forests

The island of Tasmania (240km offshore Australia) has conducted a study of the amount of carbon stored in the forest estates owned by the government.

The study was commissioned by the Tasmanian government, through the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, and conducted by CO2 Group Limited, an Australian company.

It covered over 3m hectares and 95 differnet forest types.

It looked at how land use practises and changing forest management affects carbon stocks, and the level of carbon abatement which arises from the changes.

It also assessed the commercial value of the carbon storage levels. An analysis was provided of opportunities to monetise carbon sequestration and avoided emissions under various domestic and international carbon trading programs.

The study found that current carbon stocks in Tasmania’s forests contain around three to four billion tonnes of carbon, and under a variety of forest management and land use scenarios it may be possible to achieve greenhouse gas abatement worth tens of millions of dollars in the future.

The study concluded that the development and growth in the carbon markets provides interesting prospects for commercial carbon forest projects in Tasmania.

“The comprehensive study provides a complete carbon accounting system that can be used for complex and large scale carbon accounting for forest systems now and in the future,” says Andrew Grant, CEO of CO2 Group.

“This is the first carbon study of its kind undertaken in Australia.”

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