Highest and lowest carbon emissions in the UK by region

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has published CO2 emissions data for the entire country, divided into local authorities and regions.

For each of 406 local authority regions, you can see the emissions from “industry and commercial”, “domestic”, road transport” and “total”, for each year 2005 to 2010, and also the emissions per capita (per person). Units are in tons CO2 per person.

The 10 lowest carbon emission parts of the UK are:

Redbridge 4.1
Hackney 4.2
Lewisham 4.2
Harrow 4.3
Waltham Forest 4.4
Haringey 4.5
Gosport 4.5
Merton 4.5
Sutton 4.6
Castle Point 4.6

The 10 highest carbon emission parts of the UK are:

Cookstown 20.4
Falkirk 21.3
Rugby 24.0
Eden 25.4
High Peak 33.2
Rutland 35.6
Redcar and Cleveland 55.2
Neath Port Talbot 56.2
North Lincolnshire 62.9
City of London 157.6

The City of London is a bit of an anomaly because not many people live there!

Between 2008 and 2009 emissions decreased in nearly all regions, and since 2009, emissions have increased in nearly all regions – presumably due to economic conditions.

Data was gathered from electricity and gas bills, traffic data, and emissions data from large industrial sites.

Emissions from electricity generation was allocated according to where the electricity was consumed, not where it was generated (and CO2 emitted).

Aviation, shipping and military transport are not included, because there is no obvious region they should be allocated to.



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